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 Hello and welcome to my website.

         Since an early age I have  had a connection with guitars of all types. From my time spent as a semi professional player, to making custom electric guitars,  to the handmade concert guitars I currently build, my bond with the guitar grows every day.

       The sound of my guitars generally have a deep, sweet sound while possessing concert level volume and projection. The basses are  full and rich while the trebles sing with plenty of power and sustain.  They typically are very balanced in all registers and have many tonal color variations throughout.       


     Although tone and playability are  paramount,

aesthetics are also very important to me. My rosettes, purflings, and labels are all handmade by me and are tailored individually for each instrument. Also all of my guitars are fully French Polished to a high luster  giving them a refined look and feel without affecting the desired tone.

      Thanks for taking an interest in my instruments.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.



          "I think that Michael Peters is the next American superstar luthier. His guitars are truly

marvelous, with a progressive stylistic vision."        

 Scott Tennant           


" I have known Mike Peters for several years now and happily own a number of his guitars. In my opinion he is one of the best luthiers in the country today. As I have been buying and collecting guitars for most of my playing life I am not easily impressed, but Mike's innate skill and natural  curiosity as to what makes a great guitar and how to advance it always brings extraordinary results. His discerning choice of woods, original bracing designs and gorgeous rosettes make for collectors items even before finished. It is a continuing pleasure to know Mike and to observe a real talent." 

Andy Summers


       "Ive played the same instrument for the last 12 years and wasn't planning on making a change... then I played a Peters guitar.

      The sound is  amazing!"

    Dr.Scott Morris  Director of Guitar Studies, Cal State Dominguez Hills



                                                                                                    310. 535.3600

229 Arena St.

El Segundo, California